Complete A-Z Guide Package on How to Start a Laundry & Dry cleaning business

"A-Z Ultimate Guide On How to Start a Profitable Laundry Business Anywhere From Scratch With Little or Zero Capital & Quickly Turn It Into a Daily Cash Income"


From The Desk and Keyboard of: Jerry Obamwonyi
Researcher & Coach


If you want to start a business that rarely folds up (riskless) that has huge demands at all times with big profits with short turnover time.

I mean a fail-proof and dead easy to run biz that anyone can do, the unemployed, underemployed, employed, old, young, man woman etc. ...

... with little or zero capital...?
... less or no experience and skills...?
... a small to medium to large scale...?
... that can be run easily on fulltime or part-time basis...?
... that has viable growth potential extending to other locations and states....?
... that generate good income everyday easily 6days a week, 28 days a month round the clock...?

... that will quickly enable you make that money you need to leave your dream life - build your own descent apartment, drive your dream car, leave a healthy life and build your own responsible and God-fearing family...?

You've just discovered one of the best business among its kinds in the world...

It's the Laundry & and Dry cleaning service Business.


Before I tell you in a moment... is a hint: Clothes washing and other items cleaning is a compulsory necessity and not luxury.

Within the next 4 minutes I will give you instructions on how you can start before the next 96 hours and surprisingly hits your first profits line right from your very first month of being in operation.

But before then...

"But Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen to Me?"

Well, for the past 7 active years I have been researching, coaching and marketing online and offline.

I have always successfully helped, guided and trained hundreds of Nigerians and non-Nigerians.

Like you to start and run their own profitable laundry & dry cleaning business with anything they have got from anywhere either on small, medium or large scale...

...under the company name FastLane Marketing Services a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Reg. No. ED64457

"The Laundry & Dry cleaning Business Could Solve Your Dwindling Finance And Build a Quick Sustainable Income For You Without Much Stress and Become That Important Man You've Always Dreamed to Be"


It's dead easy...

and HIGHLY Lucrative if you know how...

Within the next few seconds I will take you by the hand and get you rollin' and rockin'

Many financial and economy experts round the world are projecting that the cleaning industry with the laundry & dry cleaning service biz to be precise...

...could fix the Nigeria high employment rate as the business is still much at infancy and untapped stage in the country and also turn your finance around.

Below is the post excerpt from Vanguard Newspaper

"How the A-Z Laundry Business Guide Will Help You Corner Your Share From This Business Pie Each and Every Month Starting With Almost Nothing"

Before then...

Do you know that the number of people that need both laundry and dry cleaning service everyday are massive and overly unmet?

Do you know that the number of standard professional dry cleaners and launderers who render these services are very few and almost not always available at potential target location?

Do you know that there is a big difference between laundry and dry cleaning? and each carries varying viable shocking amount of returns (profits)?

Do you know that setting up and successfully running your own mega profitable outfit is so easy?

Do you know you can start today from anywhere even if it's your veranda, balcony, passage or even backyard?

Do you know you can start small with what you have and then see it grow quickly big into a leading outfit with many drop off and pick-up locations?

Do you know you can start today by investing as little as N10,000 - N70,000 and make as much as between N200,000 - N500,000 and more in the next couple of weeks? I know you are asking how? I'll show you in seconds

Do you know you can do this no matter who you are; rich, poor, man, woman, student, married, single, old, young, retired, widow, single parent, graduate, employed, unemployed, underemployed?

"You See, It’s Dead Easy, But I Have Gone Ahead To Make It A Lot Simpler For You…"

Up till now, the only way to really learn all the secrets I'm revealing to you in Successful Laundry & Dry cleaning Business Guide Package was to cough out about N50,000 to N150,000...

...for the few guys who are doing this lucrative business already that’s, if only they'll agree to teach you;

And if they do, you will be surprised at the half-baked info that won't take you off the ground not to climb to reach the roof of success in this business.



"Why Am Doing This For You?"

Over the years due to high demands in the form of calls, emails and texts from those who are unable to attend my seminars or one-on-one coaching.

I've packaged these secrets into downloadable ebooks which you can have access to in the next 2 minutes.

Below are some of the unedited emails, texts and comments we've been getting for the past couple of years from those who were also in the same boat with you in starting this business that prompted me to pen down everything you need to know to get started.


This Ultimate Laundry Business Package contains hard to find information no one else is willing to share with "outsiders" in this business.

Here is what you will learn in this Ultimate Laundry Business Package

How to Start Laundry and Dry cleaning Business With N10,000 or Less within the next 96 hours.

How to Carry out Effective Feasibility Study to Determine Excellent Target Location.

How to Write and Prepare Your Own Laundry Business & Financial Plan Using Our In-house Intelligent Data Template in The Form of Microsoft word and PDF.

The 2 Methods on How to Correctly Tag & Mark Customer's Clothes To Avoid Mix-up And Where to Get The Tagging Devices etc. From

How to Specially SORT Customers Clothes Before Anything Like Washing Is Done After Issuing Receipt to a Customer.

How to Specially Treat and Care For All Clothes - Wool, Cotton, Silk, Linen etc. To Avoid Damage.

How To Accurately Read and Interprets Clothes Care Labels and Laundry Symbols Before Washing, Drying and Ironing.

How to Totally Remove Any of The 5 Major Categories Of Stains From Clothes - List of Chemicals etc.

How to Carefully Bleach Clothes Without Risking to Enter "Wahala" - List of Chemicals and Agents and Where to Get Them.

Secret Sources Where To Buy Durable Dry-cleaning Specific Equipments (Dryer, Washer, Industrial Press etc.) At 3 Times Cheaper Than Normal Price Online or Locally.

How to Operationally Manage Your Dry-cleaning Business.

How and Where to Get High Paying Loyal Customers and to Retain Them.

How to Use My "Natural Free Response" Strategy To Get Trooping Clientele Without Having to Pay 1 Dime On Advertisement/Promotion Cost.

Simple Software/Apps You Can Use to Easily Automate Your cleaning Business.

How to Launder and Dry clean Special Clothes Like Wedding Gowns, Suits, Agbada etc. With BIG Price Tags.

How To Price Your Laundry Services - What & How Much You Should Charge.

How to Grow Your Cleaning Business Within Few Months Into Having More Drop Off And Pick-Up Locations.

How to Scale and Turn Your Laundry Business Into Mini / Medium Scale Standard Professional Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Outfit And Get BIG Profits Contracts From Corporate Organizations, Ministry, Large Firms When You Starts Growing.

And Lots More....

....too many to list here

This eBook Package gives you the A-Z Secret Of The Dry-cleaning Business.

It is the Laundry Business Operator's Bible.

This Ultimate Laundry Business Package will show you every thing you ever need to know to get into the dry-cleaning and laundry Business without breaking the bank or putting a whole in your pocket.

           "This Is A Limited Time Offer"

This all might sound like a lot to take in, but I promise you that when you’re through at the end of the course, you will get it 100%.

You'll have an education that you couldn't get in 10 years of hit and miss in this industry.

I have conducted live seminar trainings and one-on-one coaching which sold for =N=15,000 and =N=40,000 respectively.

But right now I'm hard pressed for time to put up a seminar and this Ultimate Laundry Business Guide is being released to help you and other people who are also desperately eager to enter into this all time profitable business

So, How Much for The A-Z Laundry Business Guide Package Right?

What WOULD you expect to pay for a complete Dry-cleaning business System Guide like this?

Remember, this is more like a ticket to a better and financially stable 2014 and beyond....

N19,700.......?  N11,500..... N6,990....?

Nope, I'm not gonna ask you to pay that much none any of those prices; not for the now!

I'm sure you're aware that what you're about to learn is worth more than its price in GOLD, but I'm ready to make everything available to you today for...

... A One Time Low Payment of just =N=3,999

Right now you can get the entire Ultimate A-Z Laundry Business Guide Package training course, where I'll teach you everything you ever need/know to get started for just N3,999


This ridiculously rock bottom price is only for the first 40 persons to place their orders fast.

So, Why so Cheap?

Simple... Because I am a business researcher and coach and I passionately help people like you succeed.

I figure if I give you a GREAT value now you might hire me in some other capacities later or even get more of my products... and pay me more.

That's the way I run my service especially on a first time basis like this. I'm not going to get rich or turn into another Dangote with that N3999

So you see, I'm really motivated to deliver you GREATNESS on our very first transaction.

WARNING: This system will only be available at this price for a limited time...

sorry, I will be charging more afterwards... because I just launched this website and we are at a pre-launch stage.

Let's Me Blow You Off The More By Offering You 3 Legal Bribes.... Yours FREE!


=N=27,700 Value; But Yours FREE



=N=10,500 Value; But Yours FREE



=N=15,450 Value; But Yours FREE


FREE Email Consultation With Me =N=40,000 Value

I will be with you all the way if you need any assistance to successfully and easily run your own profitable laundry and dry-cleaning business. You will receive a dedicated email that you can contact me on whenever you need to.


This is a Total of N93,650 in Bonus Materials all For You


But you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount, just N3999 till  .   after which This offer CLOSES and The eBook Package returns Goes Back To its Normal Price of N6,990 and the FREE Bonuses Return to Their Normal Prices.


"No Abeg calls, SMS, emails or please extend the date calls will reverse this decision. If you have experience with my offers, you know prices never change when they go up."  Don't loose this one.


If you can afford to fix your hair for N3,000 above in one day then you can afford the Laundry Business Guide Package - a system that i s GUARANTEED to put food on you and your spouse table each and every month until you're FINANCIALLY FREE.

If you can afford to buy yourself and your friends four plates of "point and kill" with 2 bottles of Beer each for all five of you, spending nothing less than N5,000 in one sitting then you can afford the Ultimate Laundry Business Guide Package!

Just to make things easy for you, I've decided to take all the risk on my shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee...

Because I am so sure of the effectiveness of the information contained in this guide.

Because I'm sure the strategies outlined in this guide will save you nights of endless sleeplessness.

I've covered you with a rock solid 100% no-question asked-guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulder such that, there's zero risk for you at all...

And here's my guarantee:


You Haven't Seen This Kind Before Right?

Yea! I had to bring in that guarantee thing in to show you how sure I am when I say this is the best business anyone can do from anywhere and your bank will evidently show it...

"Time And Money Love.... Speed"

Now it's time to get started!

What I need you to do is use the order instructions below to grab your copy of the A-Z Ultimate Laundry Business Guide right now.

Remember you get this specially discounted price only if you're willing to use the eBook Guide Package and give me your honest feedback about it.

Step 1: Local / Online Ordering

Option 1: Bank Deposit / Online Transfer

Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N3999 into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Nigeria. The account details are:

Bank - GTBank PLC

Account. Name- Fastlane Marketing Services

Account. Number - 014 166 7462


Option 2: Interswitch ATM Payment

Most People Prefers this option as you don't have to go and queue in the bank - no waiting, no T-fair, very convenient and instant

Order With Your ATM Card and Instantly Be Redirected To The Download Page!

This option gives you the chance to order from anywhere in the world - 24/7 - provided you have an ATM card from a Nigerian Bank.

NOTE - Interswitch handles the payment directly using their highly encrypted secured server technology to ensure that your ATM details are secured. We do not have anything to do with your card details. Interswitch processes the payment and instantly redirects you to the download page, where you get access to the guide, even if it's 12 midnight

Once you click on the image below, you will be redirected to another page, where you will see 3 options, choose INTERSWITCH to pay with your VERVE or MASTERCARD ATM, or choose VISA if your ATM card has the visa logo on it.

(Note that, upon successful payment, make sure to click on "Continue to merchant website" to be automatically redirected to the download area)


Tutorials On How To Make Payments With Your ATM:  Read It Online

Step 2: Order Notification

After payments, send an EMAIL payment notice with the SUBJECT of your email as: Paid for Laundry Business Guide Package

The BODY of the email should contain the following:

Amount paid, Depositor's Name, Date paid, Your Full Names, Email, GSM number to:

(Don't worry, once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive your Laundry Business Guide Package +  all the 3 BONUSES within 2 hours or less)

The Package gives you the A-Z step-by-step about Laundry Business, based on years of experience which you will not find anywhere else plus you get secret jump-start guide that will help you whether you are going into small, medium or large scale laundry and dry-cleaning business.

I look forward to hearing about your success with your dry cleaning and laundry service biz.

Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I would love to hear your success story like others and could probably have them published in our version 2.0!

Remember, I've painstakingly put together all that you ever need to succeed in this all time profitable biz into this offer... and it is only those who do not care about their 2014 financially, that can allow such offer as this slip...

It's your choice... Make it wisely!

Jerry Obamwonyi

CEO, FastLane Marketing Service

TEL: 07032472869 available from 9am to 4pm (Mondays to Fridays only).

PS: My 3 ridiculous bonuses are only for those who orders before .  Also, the introductory rock bottom price of N3,999 is valid for the next 40 orders! You wouldn't want to get it when the bonuses are gone or return to its normal prices, and the price go up to its normal N6,990!

PPS:  Remember, I've taken all the risk on my shoulders; you risk nothing. You're 100% protected. Not only do you get our 8 weeks guarantee, you are protecting yourself from getting burnt. Get Started Today!

PPPS: Wondering what the contents of the guide looks like, see the first 3 pages here.



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